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St-Malo Reviews

St-Malo Reviews

See what other holidaymakers and travellers have to say about St-Malo and the nearby areas of Brittany in the reviews section below.

Share your own experiences and opinions by submitting a holiday review of St-Malo. Please note that the opinions expressed in this section are the personal views of those who have submitted them and do not necessarily reflect those of st-malo.info.

Name: Linda              Location: Tunbridge Wells       Date of Holiday: Jun 09

We really like this part of France and although Saint Malo is very touristy it 
hasnít been spoilt and retains a charming historical atmosphere. It was a shock 
to learn that the town was largely re-built after the war and they certainly 
did a very good job indeed! 

Thereís lots to see and do. In addition to being a port, Saint Malo is a bona 
fide seaside resort and we enjoyed the sandy beaches, blue seas and walking out
to the small islands and forts. There are lots of shops to browse in the old
town and we loved the food - had some memorable meals in the evening.

Name: Ellie              Location: Hampshire             Date of Holiday: Sep 08

My boyfriend and I spent two nights in St-Malo at the Hotel Cartier after
getting a last minute ferry deal and the hotel was in a great location with
friendly staff. Our room was a bit small but very nice though.

St Malo is a great place to stay and the walled city is very romantic. Had loads
of crepes, mussels and way too much wine - even managed to catch a few rays on 
the local beach.

Name: Adrian             Location: London                Date of Holiday: May 08

We decided to take the children to St Malo for the long easter weekend and had a
lovely time. Rather than going by ferry we went for the flying option and at 
just 1 hour followed by a 15 minute drive this worked really well.  

Booked into the Hotel Beaufort which is a 20 minute walk to the old town and
although it was slightly more than we wanted to be pay it was well worth it. 
Very nice place and right on the sea front with sandy beach (when tide is not 
fully in)which the kids loved. Managed a day trip down to Dinan which is an
amazing place. The three night stay was far too short.  

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