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St-Malo Surrounding Area: Tour Solidor

St-Malo Surrounding Area

While most visitors to St-Malo head to the citadel with its surrounding beaches and islands, there are additional places of interest in the immediate vicinity of the town (some within walking distance) that can sometimes get overlooked.

For those holidaying in the city during the peak season months of July and August, these provide an opportunity to venture further afield and escape from the summer crowds.

The Rance estuary and the English Channel lie on the immediate western and northern sides of St-Malo respectively, with the nearby suburbs of St-Servan and Parame to the south and west of the citadel.

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St-Servan: Tour Solidor 1. St-Servan Beyond the ferry terminal to the south of the Old Town is the district of St-Servan which pre-dates St-Malo, having been founded in Roman times.

Next to the river is the spectacular tower of Tour Solidor. Built to guard the Rance it now holds a museum devoted to the history of seafaring around Cape Horn. There's a tour that lasts 90 minutes.

St-Suliac: Rance Estuary 2. Rance Estuary The rural areas surrounding St-Malo are dotted with country houses built as retreats by the wealthy Malouin merchants and some have gardens open to the public. One example is Parc de la Briantais with grounds that slope down to the sea.

Further south are a number of pretty villages such as St-Suliac with attractive houses of speckled stone.

St-Malo: Grand Aquarium 3. The Grand Aquarium Under the same management as the Petit Aquarium set within the St-Malo walls, this is a much bigger venue.

There are eight areas holding sea life from all over the world, the most spectacular being the Anneau which is a ring shaped tank that allows visitors to be literally surrounded by swirling shoals.

St-Malo: Parame 4. Parame The suburb of Parame has expanded over the years and now functions as the seaside resort of St-Malo due to its 2 mile long sandy beach.

The beach is the main attraction (even though completely covered at high tide) as there is not much to see in the town. Large numbers of hotels line the shore.

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